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From getting an Internship to Full-time offer at Innovaccer

From getting an Internship to Full-time offer at Innovaccer

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Hope you all are doing well. 😁

Today, I am extremely happy to share with you all that I have received a Pre-Placement offer (PPO) from Innovaccer after working as a Software Developer Intern for 4 months. 💙

This blog won't be related to any tech stuff like most of my blogs. It will be more about my experiences and some important takeaways for a student who will be applying for an internship this year.


PS: It was a remote internship because of the pandemic

1) How did I apply at Innovaccer?

Every year Innovaccer recruit interns for Software Developer and UI/UX designer position through a program knows as - SummerGeeks. Usually, in the first step of the process, you are given a common task and have to submit it before the deadline. Last year the task was to build an Entry Management System (EMS) Here is the link to my task project - EMS.

Some important points to be noted before submitting your task:

  • The README of your project should consist of each and every detail about it i.e Folder structure, External API's used, Sample images etc. For more check my project
  • Make sure you have written a clean code with proper comments in every file.

  • Try to build everything on your own instead of using any external library.

2) Interview Round

After a month or so, a list of the shortlisted student is released on SummerGeeks website. Coincidently, last time the list was released on my birthday (20th December). So I was Happy X 2.

Now the next step was a Technical Interview round. I was really tensed as I had no idea how to prepare for it. I spoke to a few college seniors who are currently working in Innovaccer and I got to know that the interview will be circling around my projects and previous experiences (If any).

After a few weeks; dates regarding the interview round were released. During my interview, I was questioned about my previous projects and a few database questions. I was also asked about the approach I used in the project which was submitted as a part of the first task.

3) Final Result

After 2 weeks of the interview, I got a call from them saying I have been offered an SDE Intern role. I was so overwhelmed to work in one of the biggest healthcare company. (That's all) 😛

4) Internship Period

During this pandemic, most of the internships offers were revoked by the companies. But Innoavaccer was kind enough to continue with all the summer interns. 💙

We were offered an early joining option from March last week. I filled that form and my internship started on 27th March.🎈

I worked on a product CareAsOne, which is a one-stop community for healthcare professionals to connect with like-minded peers on the go. I majorly worked on the FrontEnd part, more on ReactJS and Redux. I built various functionality from scratch which was a great learning experience. I worked under the mentorship of great people at Innovaccer and gained a lot from them.

5) Internship Extension

Aparently, the duration of my internship was 2 Months but I asked my HR if it would be possible to extend my internship as I really liked the project I was working on. So my internship period got extended by 2 months and I continued working on the same project, CareAsOne. 🎉

6) Getting a Pre-Placement Offer 🥺

Today, I received an E-mail from Traning and placement cell of my university which had a list of selected students who were offered PPO by Innovaccer and after seeing my name on the list gave me the happiness I was wishing for in the past few weeks. 😁

7) Important Points

  • Always ask doubts to your mentors or manager if you are stuck somewhere, they will always be available to guide you.

  • Try to network with your fellow teammates and other people working there as much as possible.

  • Explore new stuff, don't hesitate to pick up new tasks. (Very Important)

  • Always share your views in a meeting, whether it's related to design, product or anything (They will get an idea of how you approach things)

I really encourage pre-final students to apply for an internship at Innovaccer. You will get an amazing opportunity to explore new things and network with great minds working there.

That's all for this blog 😄. Thank you so much for reading this 🎉

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Happy Learning ⚡️

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